“Thank you for being such a great speech therapist and all your kindness and giggles.”  ~Patient’s Mother

“I’m so glad we found you. Thank you for your help and investment in our son. I really think it has made a difference.” ~Patient’s Mother

“Thanks for helping me grow. You are awesome.” ~Patient

“Once my daughter started working with Kirsten, I noticed a huge difference. Before working with Kirsten, she could barely recognize letters of the alphabet, and was not able to distinguish the sounds that went along with each letter; however now she can not only recognize letters in the alphabet but is able to recognize the sounds that go along with it. Her spelling has also improved (meaning now she is able to spell, as to where she was not able to beforehand)” ~Patient’s Mother

“Overall, I highly recommend Kirsten. She is a great worker and the fact that she took the time to care for my child, and help her get to the place she is at, is priceless. She genuinely has a heart that cares for these children. We are privileged to have her as our daughter’s therapist!” ~Patient’s Mother

“When we came to Kirsten, my son was reading at a kindergarten level. He struggled with putting the sounds together to make the words and recognizing sight words.  He didn’t comprehend most of what he read and struggled to recall information.  He now is going into the sixth grade and can read at a fifth-grade level.  While he still struggles some with comprehension, his comprehension has improved immensely.  He has made monumental progress with the work that he has done with Kirsten.”  ~Patient’s Mother

“In the beginning it was a struggle to get my son to do the homework that Kirsten asked him to complete. Instead of being frustrated, Kirsten was able to find a way to connect with him and slowly worked with him to make him feel comfortable and confident and now he completes all of the assigned reading and homework sheets that she asks him to do.”  ~Patient’s Mother

“You can see the hard work and passion that she puts into her career to help her patients improve and succeed.  Without Kirsten’s passion for her work and her willingness to grow and increase her knowledge and abilities my son would not be where he is today.”  ~Patient’s Mother

“I would describe my relationship to Kirsten as almost a friendship.  She helped me open up more to learning and understanding speech better.  She gets to know you as a person not just a student, to better help you learn, the best way to learn and the best way for it to stick.  She allows a parent to come back, like what I do, and we all learn from each other.  In fact, even after our sessions, I work through other words and have homework that I enjoy doing.” ~Patient

“The issues that I had coming in were stuttering, not understanding the complete meaning of a word and using it wrong, as well as poor reading skills.  My grammar was poor, and I felt blatantly stupid.  She helped me understand more words and lose my stuttering.  I’m able to use the proper words and meaning. I have developed better reading skills and my confidence level has improved.”  ~Patient

“Kirsten is very patient as to where I am not.  And she helps me fight the urge to give up and stop. She helps me learn and it’s not in a bad way, it’s like I figure it out for myself she just helped me get there.” ~Patient 

“For years I have inquired with SLPs about their experience in or willingness to work with students/patients who have learning disabilities in written language (not just oral language disorders) as I see them as having excellent foundational knowledge for this work.  Ms. Lewis has taken her knowledge, training and experience several steps further to fulfill this important need in our community.”  ~Neuropsychologist

“Through Ms. Lewis’s efforts with individual patients, I have seen very positive outcomes in the areas (e.g., phonological processing, rapid word retrieval, spelling, decoding, writing, text reading fluency and text comprehension) targeted by her treatment.”  ~Neuropsychologist 

“It is my impression that Ms. Lewis understands the critical elements (e.g. phonology, phonics, syllable type, morphology, syntax and semantics) of the Structured Literacy perspective and how they work together and influence one another. She also possesses a solid command of how they are taught in a systematic, cumulative and explicit fashion.”  ~Neuropsychologist 

“As a psychotherapist, I understand the value of the relationship in treatment efforts.  The child’s/family’s belief that they are understood and valued as a person is a core foundational and curative element that allows for progress to be made.  Ms. Lewis is a therapist who truly seems to grasp this concept, and this has enabled her to build relationships that support assessment and growth.”  ~Neuropsychologist

“Kirsten is an excellent therapist who has gone above and beyond to gain the title of “expert” in relation to assessment and treatment of literacy abilities.  She is easy to work with and puts time aside in her busy schedule to collaborate with colleagues and other individuals on her patient’s care teams (teachers, pediatricians, and neuropsychologists) to assure best patient care.  It is clear that Kirsten enjoys her work and strives to be her best every day.”  ~Therapist

“Kirsten has worked diligently on her own time to complete all of the education required to receive a certification that is extremely rare in the state of Idaho.  She is working to build a literacy program that will serve the vast needs of our learning disordered older patients while providing preventative care for our younger, at risk patients.  She is someone who cares greatly about her profession, her patients and the support that we can offer our families.”  ~Therapist

“Kirsten is passionate about the patients she serves who struggle significantly in such a crucial area of life-long learning.  She understands incredibly well how to communicate with these families and patients, working to create buy-in for such a labor-intensive program. She is someone who cares greatly about her patients, the quality of her work, and her ability to create positive outcomes for all the families she treats.”  ~Therapist

“Kirsten has a calm presence to her and is thoughtful in her communication.  She has a desire for excellence and is extremely consistent in her strong work ethic. She is focused on goals she has set and is a go getter in making sure they are accomplished.”  ~Manager 

“Kirsten has seen impressive outcomes with the children she has treated. These kids are demonstrating greater self-confidence and improvements in grades at school. Parents are seeing their kids feel less frustrated with schoolwork and more willingness to participate in reading and writing activities.  She works closely with her patients and their families to identify where their gaps are and provide successful opportunities for practice outside of the treatment sessions.  She has not only helped improve these kids’ literacy skills but has tried to instill a love of reading and writing in them by making therapy fun.  I truly feel that she is providing a unique service to our community that is proving to have a powerful impact on these kids’ lives.”  ~Manager

“Thanks for your kindness, your endless patience and for sharing your extensive knowledge.  I’m excited to move forward and call upon you as a resource, but also a friend.” ~Graduate Student 

“I appreciate your patience and understanding.  You helped me have faith in myself.  It was fun to learn from you and it was a really positive experience for me.” ~Graduate Student